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What you need to build a security alarm system:

The main task of a security alarm is to protect property (life, health).

The criteria for building a security alarm system for a home, office, factory, or bank vary somewhat, but the general thing is that there is a control panel (RCP), sensors (motion, acoustic, opening, vibration, perimeter), communication lines (wired, wireless), and response devices (sirens, monitoring panel for the rapid response team, SMS messages, commands to other actuators).

The standards define the number of protection zones, types of detectors, installation rules, etc. for different Objects.

If you have a private house or small office, think about who will respond to your alarm - your neighbors, who will hear the siren; you, who will receive a notification on your phone; a response team (for example, Sirius, the State Security Service, etc., with a subscription fee and insurance).

For other organizations, enterprises, banks, and government agencies, the prescribed design standards are more stringent and require a threat analysis.